NYC Marches for Climate Change

Source: NY Daily News

NEW YORK CITY The march attracted many famous environmental activists, including familiar faces of former Vice President, Al Gore, Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary-General, and New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio. Appropriately themed, De Blasio announced future plans for New York to have an 80% reduction in greenhouse emissions by 2050.

Demonstrators held signs ranging from slogans along Two the lines of “There is No Planet B” to melting ice sculptures shaped into the word “future.”

The marchers risk proceeded on for roughly two miles, eventually coming to a halt because the route was filled with people. Participants ranged from inhabitants of New York to as far away as Rome. An assembly area was also set alongside Central Park. An organizer cheap jerseys of the event, the group Avaaz, presented a petition with two million signatures demanding action on climate change. Ricken Patel, the executive director of the organization, made a public statement claiming that the event had Candidate “completely blown our expectations” Skill in a surprising turnout that news polls did not predict.

NYC: The People’s Climate March, September 21, 2014 (Source: NBC News)

Ultimately, the summit reached an agreement regarding the overall temperature rise by determining that worldwide temperatures must be held at only two degrees Celsius higher by 2015. These two degrees may seem insignificant, yet they truly have an + impact on the world’s climate.

If temperatures surge above wholesale NFL jerseys two degrees Celsius, scientists predict that the world will see a catastrophic cheap nba jerseys increase in polar melting, droughts, floods, sea levels, and extreme weather. If the world does not drastically decrease its carbon output, it will Kurzhaar surpass two degrees in 30 years. According to research done by the Global Carbon Project, carbon emissions in 2014 should total 40 billion tons, as compared to eight billion tons only four years prior.

Senior Rheanna Maitland stated, “I feel that climate change is a huge issue for us today. It is something that I believe does not get enough attention from politicians. This is a problem because they are the only people who can implement laws and create regulations. I also think that if 310,000 get together to rally and march, then it is definitely an issue that should be on everyone’s mind.”

In an open declaration to foreign ministers of twenty of the world’s largest economies, Secretary of State John Kerry claimed, “While we are confronting [Isis], and we are confronting terrorism and we are confronting Ebola, this also has an immediacy that people have come to understand. There is a long list of important issues before all of us, but the grave threat that climate change poses warrants a prominent position on that list.”